Being one of the largest suppliers of religious artifacts to the educational world, our wide product range speaks for itself. Dealing mainly with HINDUISM, SIKHISM, BUDDHISM and ISLAM, our product range brings alive each religious aspect to the classroom.

Dealing initially with the core aspect of teaching, our Hinduism artifacts aid both the teacher and the pupil in gaining a better, yet clearer understanding of the religion. With a wide variety of plastic, stone and metal statues in any shape and size, to colourful pictures and posters of gods and goddesses, to various DIWALI, RAKHI artifacts, to the more authentic POOJA utensils. Yes we have it all. Just ask for the catalogue
Our wide product range included the 5K's, various GURU posters, CHAURI (hair whisk), TURBANS, to educational SIKH books, and a lot more looking at the religion in terms of both the religious and cultural aspects. Just ask for the catalogue.

Our specially imported product range which includes various images of BUDDHA in either statue or poster form to various THANKAS, PRAYER WHEELS, FRIENDSHIP BANDS and various WHEEL OF LIFE posters to many more articulate items. A must for the educationalist who wants to strive for perfection within Buddhism. Just ask for the catalogue.
Covering every initial angle of Islamic studies from EID cards to PRAYER MATS, COMPASSES, QURAN STANDS, to coloured posters of various ISLAMIC writings and images of the MECCA-KAABA plus many more items to bring Islam alive within the classroom. Just ask for the catalogue.